Data Transfer

Efficient Cross-Company Data Transfer

AWS services used

AWS API GatewayAmazon RDSAWS LambdaAmazon S3AWS BatchAmazon EC2

Customer challenges

Our client faced the challenge of efficiently transferring data from the database of one company (Company A) to another company's database (Company B) on a regular cadence. We needed a seamless solution that could handle the complexity of data transfer between different systems securely and reliably.


Our solutions encompassed a comprehensive approach to address the challenges of data transfer between Company A and Company B:

AWS Resource Creation with Terraform

Utilized Terraform to create AWS resources, including RDS PostgreSQL for the source database and AWS S3 for the destination storage, ensuring a robust infrastructure for data transfer.

Integration of Airbyte ETL

Integrated Airbyte ETL into our system, allowing for efficient and reliable data extraction, transformation, and loading processes between the source and destination databases.

Development of User-Friendly UI with React.js

Designed and implemented a user-friendly interface using React.js, enabling Company A to easily initiate and manage data transfer requests.

Automated Notification System via AWS SES

Established an automated notification system using AWS SES to keep both Company A and Company B informed about data transfer requests, status updates, and any relevant notifications.

Architecture 1


Our solutions led to significant improvements in data transfer operations and overall efficiency:

  • Streamlined Data Transfer Process: Reduced manual intervention and streamlined the data transfer process between Company A and Company B, resulting in faster and more accurate data transfers.

  • Enhanced Data Security and Integrity: Ensured data security and integrity throughout the transfer process by leveraging AWS resources and Airbyte ETL, meeting industry standards and compliance requirements.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Increased operational efficiency by implementing a cadence-based data transfer capability, allowing us to schedule and manage data transfers efficiently based on specific business needs and timelines.

  • Positive Business Impact: The implementation of our solutions had a positive impact on business operations, enhancing collaboration between Company A and Company B and facilitating seamless data exchange between their systems.

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